Disrupt Space summit 2019 Speakers
Dang Wei (党炜)
Co-founder & CEO of CISS Technology (Beijing)

Mr. Wei Dang is the founder and CEO of CISS Technology (Beijing). CISS is leading the big data platform for EEE components in China as a startup company. CISS is changing the methodology of aerospace development in China through big data and internet thinking. Mr. Wei Dang worked as a director engineer in EEE components assurance and reliability engineering for the years in China's manned space program. A smart platform will be developed for satellites and industry 4.0 in China.

Juan de Dalmau
President of the International Space University

Juan de Dalmau was selected President of the International Space University (ISU) and took office in September 2018. He brings a multidisciplinary background in mechanical engineering, business administration, space studies, and languages, as well as over 35 years of international management experience in engineering, operations, technology development, education and communications. He has worked in the private sector, in university and in space agencies. He attended ISU’s Space Studies Program (SSP) in 1989 thanks to a joint scholarship from the French Space Agency (CNES) and the European Space Agency (ESA).

He retired from ESA in July 2018.

Luigi Scatteia
Director of PriceWaterCoopers Advisory Space Practice

Luigi is a Director in PwC Paris. He leads the PwC Space Practice, and its core space advisory team based in Paris. Luigi has over 17 years of experience in the space sector along the wider value chain and 8+ years in consulting for the industry and institutions in Europe and worldwide. His work encompasses market assessments, market entry strategies,industrial policy, regulatory support and economic impact assessments. His recent work  targets the role space imaging can play in new digital products and services based on advanced analytics and data fusion.

Sven Meyer-Brunswick
Director of Communications & Corporate Growth at Mynaric

Sven is Director of Growth and Comms at Mynaric. Mynaric produces the optical fiber for the skies and enables as a pioneer of laser communication extremely fast and secure wireless data transmission between aircraft, drones and satellites. Mynaric's products are used by world leading corporations to establish an internet above the clouds intended to bring connectivity to the remaining 3 billion unconnected people of the planet. The company has been founded by former researchers of the German Aerospace Center and has secured around $50m in growth capital to commercialize laser communication. Prior to joining Mynaric Sven has been working on projects as diverse as charitable and philosophical mobile apps and microtechnology for optical telecom networks. Sven holds a Master of Photonics Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, a Bachelor of Engineering Science of the Technical University of Munich and was a visiting student at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, London School of Economics and Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.