China is open for Space business
Explore new opportunities, meet investors and learn to navigate the Chinese business environment. Disrupt Space Summit 2019 is your gateway to space business in China.
Last year, I visited the Disrupt Space Summit in Berlin and met with space entrepreneurs from all over the world. Next year, I would like to extend a warm invitation to all of you to visit my home Country, Welcome!
Dang Wei, Founder & CEO of CISSDATA
May 14-15
Venture days
We organize workshops to get you accustomed to the local business environment including a crash course in Chinese business customs, regulations and law.
May 16-17
May 16-17
Summit days
Two days of non-stop panels, demos, pitch sessions, press interviews and investor meetings. This is your opportunity to shine in-front of up to 200 Chinese and international officials, space startups, investors, corporates and media representatives.
May 18-19
Festival Days
Attend follow-up meetings, tour local space companies or join an international electronic music festival at the Great Wall.
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"There’s never been a gathering quite like this before in Europe, but there is now a boom in space entrepreneurs."
Gubei Water Town
Situated 2 hours north-east of downtown Beijing, Gubei Water Town is an ancient village that was recently restored and refurbished with modern amnesties. At a walking distance from the Simatai Great Wall, this part of the wall is considered the most majestic (as well as the most dangerous) section of the Great Wall of China.
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Frequently asked questions
  • What do you consider as a space venture?

    A space venture is an entrepreneurial activity with a scalable business model who aim to, or currently, 1) provide goods or services to the space sector, 2) create a downstream application that predominantly uses data generated by space assets and targets markets outside of the space sector or 3) any support service provided to entrepreneurial activities in pursuit of 1) or 2).
  • What is Disrupt Space?

    Disrupt Space is part of an emerging platform to create and grow space ventures and help break down barriers between space and other sectors. Learn more here.
  • Why China? Why now?

    Over the past few years, China has seen a dramatic rise of its private space industry fueled by domestic investments and relaxation of government control. For westerners, China has remained an elusive market to enter due to cultural, language and structural challenges. Disrupt Space Summit 2019's goal is to open up the Chinese space market to foreign ventures and vice-versa.
  • How does the venture application work?

    Ventures of any stage can apply, we evaluate your application based on business model and team. Once you submit your application we will get back to you within a couple of business days with the result through email. A short follow-up call may be scheduled if needed.
  • Are aspiring entrepreneurs, decision makers and investors allowed to attend the first two days (14-15 May)?

    On the 15th of May, there will be a series of workshops specific for space ventures. If you wish to attend those workshops, please send us an email at We will get back to you if there are open slots.
  • Who are the speakers?

    Most speakers will be selected from founders attending the summit. These will be announced over the next several months.
  • What about my IP or ITAR while in China?

    It is up you as founder to make a judgement call whether accessing the Chinese market is worth the risk of exposing your IP or potential ITAR liabilities. Disrupt Space will organize workshops in a "safe environment" before the summit in Beijing to provide advice and assistance on these very issues.
  • Are investors and corporates invited?

    Yes! We will release limited tickets for investors and corporates coming from outside of China at a later date.
  • Can I join just the Summit?

    Yes you can! We will ask you closer to the summit date which activities you would like to participate in.
  • What is happening at the Great Wall of China?

    We are collaborating with The Great Wall Festival to give participants an opportunity to spend a weekend on top of the Great Wall of China to the tune of electronic dance music.
  • Do I need a visa to enter China?

    You need a Chinese business visa (M-visa). During the registration process, we will ask you personal information relevant to issuing an invitation letter. Our partners in China will provide you the invitation letter which you can use to apply for the visa at your nearest Chinese embassy or consulate.