WHAT IS the Disrupt Space summit?
For those who believe space exploration, exploitation and applications are valuable pursuits, the Disrupt Space Summit is a recurring event to create and grow space ventures for the purpose of creating a sustainable space economy.
A Sustainable space economy is within our reach
At Disrupt Space, we work hard to inspire and engage peoples of different background and cultures to take action towards creating and growing new space ventures.

By doing so, our purpose is to help break down the barriers between space and other sectors - and in the process create a more sustainable space economy.
Core Team
Magni Johannsson
Izan peris martí
Co-founder & Cheif Troublemaker
Ke Wang
This is our CONTINUOUS story
2014: International Space University
Magni and Philippe first met at the International Space University in Montréal and worked together over the summer collaboratively with more than 30 other participants on the topic of Space and Open Innovation.
Taking lessons learned from the summer program and with help from friends and colleagues, Magni and Philippe formed two teams to organize Europe and Asia's first StartupWeekend Space in April 2015. It occurred simultaneously in Bremen and Shanghai and drew together more than 120 participants.
Onboarding Izan, the core team with support from the City of Bremen founded Disrupt Space to carry on the grassroots activities initiated in 2015. The first step was to organize a summit that drew together 200 participants from 19 countries in Bremen, Germany.
The 2017 DS Summit was held in Berlin, Germany and brought together 270 participants, including 49 space startups from 20 countries as well as 18 angel and venture capital investment firms.
2018: SpaceFounders KICKS OFF
SpaceFounders was officially kicked-off in Ibiza, Spain with the formation of an action group for leading entrepreneurs, key stakeholders and ecosystem builders. Representatives from nine countries across the world attended the formation meeting.